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Eggshell Geode part 2

Monday, March 1, 2010

Once you have become proficient at making crystals (see last month’s nature activity), it is time to make your eggshell geode. This is a four part process: 1. clean out an eggshell; 2. make your crystal solution and add it to the egg; 3, wait a few weeks while your crystals are growing; 4. open up your eggshell to reveal the crystals inside.

Cleaning out your eggshell
Cleaning out an egg is called, “blowing out the egg”, because you literally need to blow the stuffing out of the egg. When you do this, you can save the blown out material to make an omlet or scrambled eggs.

  1. Using a needle, make a small hole at one end of the egg. The hole doesn’t pricking the egg imagehave to be much bigger than the diameter of the needle, but will work just as well if the hole is bigger.

  2. egg with hole imageAt the other end of the egg, make a hole about 1/4 inch in diameter.

  3. Blow into the egg through the small blowing out egg imagehole. The egg innards should come out through the bigger hole. Make sure you do this over a bowl.

  4. Rinse out the egg and let it dry.

Adding your crystal solution to the egg
Once your egg has dried, you can make some of your favorite crystal solution adding solution imageand add it to the egg with an eyedropper.


Cracking open your eggshell geode
Once your crystal solution has had time to evaporate and your crystals have formed, it is time to crack open your egg and see what you have created. You can crack open your egg using the needle you used to make the holes at the end of the egg when you were blowing it out.
Use the needle to enlarge the endhole until the hole is large enough to get your fingers into it. Then carefully break the egg open - bit by bit until you have exposed the inside of your egg.salt crystal geode image





blue salt crystal geode image