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Spiders Do It!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spiders do it
Moths do it
Alligators too
Fish and frogs
Cats and dogs
All will do it for you
The possum and rabbit
Both make it a habit
Even an owl
If you get one in view.

It’s a mark of humility
That you lack this ability
I know it is sad but it’s true
That all of these animals can do this thing
That can never be done by you..

Have some fun with this simple rhyme.
Can you guess what it is that they do
Think about it for a bit of time
In your mind let it brew
Discuss it with mom and dad
Look in a book
Or ask a friend at school
If you are still not sure
And are tempted to look
Then I’ll have to give you a clue
Take a flashlight
On a good dark night
And you will get an excellent view.



The answer to this riddle can be found on this months Nature Activities. Click here for answer.