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Petzl TicTakka Headlamp

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A good headlamp is such a valuable tool and indespensible in so many situations. I have used mine while working on the car engine, fixing a plumbing leak under the sink, doing fiberglass work deep inside my kayak - pretty much anywhere I want light and need both my hands free for work.
The TacTikka XP has a bright LED light that never needs replacing. It has 3 intensity levels, a blinking mode and a special “boost” mode for double the brightness for short periods of time. However, I never use the boost mode. The normal high mode is plenty bright for everything I needed it for.

The headlamp uses 3 AAA batteries that last a very long time - I’ve had my lamp for 2 years and haven’t replaced them yet. It also has a built in battery level indicator - for when the batteries are 70% and 90% discharged. It uses regular batteries and should not be used with lithium batteries.
An especially nice feature of this headlamp is the three colored filters - red, green and blue. The red filter is great for night-time use. Many night-time animals can not see red light, and it cuts down on night blindness in us humans. For me, the blue filter comes in very handy. Fireflies are least sensitive to blue light, so I can put the blue filter in my headlamp and observe the fireflies without disturbing them.




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