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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Once you get a good set of thermometers, you will find they are valuable tools for many experiments, especially the thermometers that have thermocouples - temperature probes at the end of a wire. These probes can be placed in hard to reach areas and extend the usefulness of the thermometers.
I find that once I started using my thermometers, I began coming up with new experiments to use them in. I used them in this month’s nature activity to determine the insulating property of leaves. While doing this experiment, some other experiments came to mind, like does cold water or warm water freeze faster. How effective are insulating shades on a picture window? How much heat does skunk cabbage generate? And so on.
Be creative. See how many different experiments you can think of that will use your thermometers.

The Taylor Wireless Indoor/Outdoor thermometers consist of a digital thermometer and remote sensor. The thermometer reads the temperature in fahrenheit and celsius. It can accept up to 3 remote sensors. Each sensor includes a temperature probe on an eleven foot cable. The remote sensors will send their readings to the thermometer up to 100 feet away. They will send the current temperature as well as the minimum and maximum temperatures.




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