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Spiders and their Kin

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This book is a great first-time spider book, the one that got me interested in spiders. It has a lot of good info for the spider novice: anatomy, classification, courtship, growth, silk, feeding and much more. None of this is gone into in much depth, for that you need a spider textbook. Bt there is plenty of info if you are new to spiders.
The book has hundreds of wonderful drawings of spiders from NA and Europe. It certainly is not all inclusive and the user should be wary of trying to identify all but the most common spiders from the illustrations, but it does give you a good feel for the possibilities. The spiders are arranged by family and this is a good first step in learning spiders - very often the only step since identifying to species and even genus is very difficult and time consuming.




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